CHEC offers two different types of membership. Full Membership is the only type available to new members


Continuing Members

$30 per year

Families who:

  • are continuing membership
  • renewal yearly on by 1 March

Please note: If your membership lapses you will be required to apply for new membership and pay new membership joining fee.

New Membership

$40 per year

Pro rata payment

  • $40 from quarters 1 & 2 of billing year
  • $30 from quarter 3 of billing year
  • $20 from quarter 4 of billing year

Families who:

  • live within a 200km radius of Canberra GPO
  • educating one or more children from a home base (home education/distance education)
  • new to the CHEC community
Associate Membership

$10 per year

Families who:

  • are former members who retain an interest in CHEC
  • home educators whose youngest child is over the age of 18
  • are investigating home education
  • live beyond a 200km radius of Canberra GPO
  • visiting the ACT region for a period less than 3 month
  • former full members whose children are currently attending school
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