CHEC Picnic at The Federation Rocks

Come at 12 o’clock and bring your picnic lunch. The event starts at 1 PM. The Federation Rocks are located on the western fringe of Lake Burley Griffin and they include large examples from every Australian state and territory, as a precursor to building the National Rock Garden. What do these rocks teach us? Come and explore with Tas and Andrew.

The topic will naturally suit high schoolers but we are trying to do the presentation with Primary school age in mind and will include a description of some of the rocks and then hands on examination using a provided study guide.

We expect people to come at a time to suit their lunch hour. The talks will commence sometime after 1 pm. The program is not strict, so although we could be done in an hour, I would allow two hours so children can ask questions, investigate and interact.

This is a CHEC event. There will be a separate CMI event with a more detailed talk for adults at the same location at 5:45 pm. (as per flyer – the CHEC event details are the e same except the time)

There are no facilities at this location. Everything is BYO. There are toilets down the road.

  • BYO chair,
  • pencil, clipboard,
  • hat,¬†sunscreen,
  • water, food.

In the event of rain this event will be cancelled. SMS Andrew if in doubt.

If you would like to do some preparation, I recomend Tas Walker’s article on Wilpenna Pound

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