Renewing Members


Before completing the Membership Form, please ensure that you:

  • read Parts 1-4 of the CHEC Practice Manual - you will need to agree to the Conditions of Membership in order to submit your Membership Form;
  • make note of the membership fee you will be paying, so that you can follow through with lodging the amount as you indicate on your Membership Form - this is not an automated procedure.
When you are ready, please request a membership form

Membership Procedure

Membership Renewals are due before 1st March in each calendar year.

Please note that the preferred method of payment is by Direct Credit (account details are on the form) as each cheque incurs a handling fee.

For CONTINUING Membership to CHEC

Step 1:     Complete the CHEC Membership Application Form

  • Say ‘YES’ if you want to be included in the CHEC Directory for the current year. (The CHEC Directory is distributed only to CHEC members, and is not made publicly available in any way. Inclusion in the CHEC Directory ensures you can be contacted by other members, and is particularly helpful when forming friendships, or if details for an excursion change at the last minute.)
  • Indicate your chosen payment method. Direct credit is the preferred option. Cheques are to be made out to CHEC. Cash payments can be made, via arrangement with the Treasurer.
  • Ensure that you have read the appropriate links which you will be agreeing with by submitting the form with your payment.

Step 2:     Before 1 March, submit the completed Membership Form.

Step 3:     Within a short period of time, you will receive a receipt number via email. You will already have access to CHEC's communication tools.