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CHEC Membership Pages: 2013


If you are seeking membership of Christian Home Education Canberra (CHEC), whether for the first time or as an on-going member, welcome! These are the pages you need in order to know a little bit about our group and our direction, and to get the process of becoming (or continuing as) part of CHEC under way.


Membership Information

In 2011, CHEC became an Association Incorporated in ACT. As such, we are required to have a Constitution, which is available for CHEC Constitution viewing in full CHEC Constitution v1.1 NO END DOCS.pdf.

For Continuing Members:

For New Members:

  • please email: our Membership team with “Membership Query” in the subject line, and stating your eligibility in accordance with Membership Types as shown below.

For New & Continuing Members:

Below you will find information on the Membership Types; Membership Entitlements; Conditions of Membership; How to Apply; and Process of Application. This information is adapted from the CHEC Constitution, which can be read unabridged by following the link above.


Membership Types

Adapted from Part 1.2, Section 2.2.2, of the CHEC Constitution.

CHEC offers two different types of membership. Full Membership is the only type available to new members. In summary:

 Continuing Members : $30 per year
 New Membership: $40 per year Associate Membership: $10 per year

Available to families who: 

  • are continuing membership from 2012

Available to families who:

  • live within a 200km radius of Canberra GPO; and
  • are educating one or more children from a home base (home education or distance education).
  • Are new to the CHEC community

Available to families who:

  • are former members who retain an interest in CHEC; or
  • home educators whose youngest child is over the age of 18; or
  • are investigating home education; or
  • live beyond a 200km radius of Canberra GPO; or
  • are visiting the ACT region for a period less than 3 months; or
  • are former full members whose children are currently attending school.


Membership Entitlements

Adapted from Part 1.2, Section 4, and Part 1.3, Section 12.4 of the CHEC Constitution.

Entitlements are available to all members (including their immediate family), but are not transferable. Entitlements include:

  • full access to CHEC website
  • access to any other communication tools utilized by the group; and
  • participation in general group discussions and activities.

Only Full Members of CHEC are eligible to:

  • hold office as part of the Administration Team (Associate Members may serve as part of the Communications Team if they wish)
  • vote at General Meetings


Conditions of Membership

Adapted from Part 1.2, Section 3.3.2.

Membership of CHEC is open to all families in the Australian Capital Territory and surrounding regions of NSW, who are educating one or more of their children at home.

Families who seek and gain membership of CHEC will be understood by the group to:

  1. accept  CHEC's definition of "Who We Are" (found at;
  2. be aligned with CHEC's Purpose Statement;
  3. be supportive of CHEC's "Aims";
  4. be willing to act in accordance with with  CHEC's "Code of Conduct";
  5. have paid  the required Membership Fees

Useful Documents:

  • CHEC Practice Manual - The references in the first 4 Conditions of Membership (above) can be found as the first 4 sections of the CHEC Practice Manual. The rest of the Manual may be of interest to see a little more about how our group functions, etc.
  • CHEC Constitution.

Process of Application

Adapted from Part 1.2, Section 3.1 of the CHEC Constitution.

New members may obtain an Application for Membership Form from an existing CHEC member, or by emailing the Membership Officer as advised above.

Once your Membership Form has been completed and received by the Membership Officer, and your payment has been verified,

  • new members will be sent invitations to CHEC's communication tool.
  • continuing members will have ongoing access to our communication tools.