About CHEC

CHEC has been supporting home educators from ACT and surrounding districts, who wish to incorporate their belief in Jesus Christ into their practices, for many years.

We began as just a small gathering of families, who appreciated getting together to support each others faith and educational choices. These days, we welcome a broad range of families - city and country dwellers; tradespeople, entrepreneurs, professionals, academics - all who value their children's educational development in the home environment.

We work together o facilitate the families of CHEC making their home education journey a blessed one, through community building and sharing of experiences, both social and educational. Our aim is to help each other grow in God's love, build stronger families, and a stronger home education community.

Every family approaches home education in their own unique way, and CHEC encourages acceptance of each family's choices, and support of their individual journey.  We face enough obstacles without presenting each other with more.

The diversity of expressions of the Christian faith in our midst is appreciated, and we hope that everyone will feel at home in our midst.

Families are always welcome to come along to some events to ascertain whether or not our group feels like a right "fit" for how they choose to home educate. 

The headings below are our stated Objects and Purposes, part of our official documents of Incorporation. These can be found as a stand alone document, or as the first three parts of our Practice Manual. by following the click-able links. As these are part of our official statements, the language is more formal than we might use conversationally, so beneath each entry, we've tried to reword the official statement it in a way that explains and puts things in a more amiable manner.

Who We Are

CHEC is a Christian support network for home educators in the ACT and surrounding regions. As our name implies, our particular focus stems from the fact that we are believers in Jesus Christ, who approach all areas of life from a world-view that is is shaped by the bible.

On our Membership Form, we ask members to "accept CHEC's definition of Who We Are". This means that we are a christian group, and we don't apologize for that, but we do want those who don't perhaps share our faith to feel at home in our midst. You will hear Christ being spoken about, we will pray with one another, sometimes we'll do bible studies and discuss things from a specifically Christian perspective, but our main emphasis is on loving one another and supporting one another.


Believing that Jesus Christ is Lord, we are committed to raising our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We will meet together to encourage and support each other in our endeavors to train our children successfully. We will honour the Lord Jesus Christ and acknowledge that, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, He will be our strength and wisdom as we seek to raise our children for His glory.

On our Membership Form, we ask members to "be aligned with CHEC's Purpose Statement". This means that if you do not share our faith, you will allow us to continue with our christian practices in the context of the group, and you will join with us in encouraging and supporting one another in every way that does not contravene your own beliefs. If you do happen to find your own beliefs challenged beyond your expectations, we would encourage you to speak quietly with one of our Admin Team about the situation, and work with them to an mutually agreeable solution.


 CHEC aims to carry out its purpose by:

  1. Providing the opportunity for home educating families to meet each other and form friendships that will facilitate mutual encouragement;
  2. Holding discussion meetings where parents can meet together and discuss issues related to home education from a Christian perspective;
  3. Arranging excursions, where children can learn about their local area and specific topics of interest;
  4. Arranging other educational and social activities (such as sports, language classes, Toastmasters, picnics, etc.) to supplement the teaching provided at home and enable parents and children to meet and interact with each other.
The group relies on volunteers from its membership to arrange all activities and services. Both mothers and fathers are encouraged to be involved when and wherever they can, both in the administration of the group and by participating in and organising activities.
On our membership form, we ask members to "be supportive of CHEC's Aims". This means that even if you don't agree with all you hear, see, or experience, that unless there is a legal or moral breach of some sort, you will support other members in their journey, whether you agree with their personal choices or opinions, or not. We encourage all members to participate and contribute in whatever way they are able in the current season of their life. Every contribution, no matter how large or small, seen or unseen, is valued. What can you do? Thank you for doing it.
So speak encouraging words to one another. Build up hope so you'll all be together in this, no one left out, no one left behind. I know you're already doing this; just keep on doing it.
~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (The Message)
Let's see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out,
~ Hebrews 10:24 (The Message)